Mobile & Web


A platform connects service providers in the personal care field to consumers of these services

Mobile & Web

Hot Remote

Developing applications for Hot and Kido remote controls, which are intended for parents and children accordingly, for command and content control of Hot Fiber converters.

Mobile & Web


An app for finding the best professionals in Israel

Mobile & Web


The world’s premier dating site. As part of the project, we have developed registration pages, customized the site to support

Mobile & Web

Napoleon Was Here

An interactive map for the National Library which describes Napoleon’s voyages in Israel and Egypt. We executed its design and development

Coding, Mobile & Web, Product, UI / UX


A complex project during which we established the largest auction site in Israel


Crazy Shapie

A game that combines coordination and response speed. As part of the project we developed the game for IOS and Android devices.

Mobile & Web

Give & Get

An innovative marketing platform that enables businesses to distribute gifts to their customers

Mobile & Web


A new version for the Survey of Israeli maps website


The Couch

This is a platform that enables users to transfer live video transmission, while they are creating interpretation for existing television transmissions (Commentary)

Mobile & Web


A smart and advanced system for the management and marketing of real estate projects.

Mobile & Web

Moving Advidor

A website and app that allow users who want to move to get an accurate quote. After filling out preliminary details and selecting the furniture to be transferred, the user receives accurate quotes from


Cellex Dashboard

Cellex Networks is a start-up company that deals in the control and examination field of telephone devices under various loads and data



An application that enables measurers and ground surveyors to mark important areas and reference points throughout the project, as well as measuring areas and coordinates


Reach Effects

ground-up development of a media trading system that includes complex logic for automated management of advertiser campaigns and traffic redirection based on arbitrage algorithms



A system that allows the automation of import and export processes for various databases


Holy Moses

Development of a comprehensive casino system – from the characterization of the system architecture and the required technologies to the development of a server side and a client

Javascript, Mobile & Web, UI / UX


Medical application for planning
And CPT doubts for hospitals and clinics