apricode Dashboards, Mobile & Web, Server


A website that connects between surfers and photographers online. Offers user registration, or connecting through facebook and google using their APIs, managing a personal area and personal preferences of the user, uploading high-resolution photos and using server-side rendering, purchasing and downloading photos, and more.

apricode Dashboards, Mobile & Web, Server


A project that includes dashboards based on React.JS, manages machines from the field of cutting industry cables. Those dashboards manage the different machines, based on the different aspects and functionality.

apricode Mobile & Web


A platform connects service providers in the personal care field to consumers of these services

gottfriedaniel Mobile & Web

Hot Remote

Developing applications for Hot and Kido remote controls, which are intended for parents and children accordingly, for command and content control of Hot Fiber converters.

apricode Mobile & Web


An app for finding the best professionals in Israel

gottfriedaniel Mobile & Web


The world’s premier dating site. As part of the project, we have developed registration pages, customized the site to support

matan Mobile & Web

Napoleon Was Here

An interactive map for the National Library which describes Napoleon’s voyages in Israel and Egypt. We executed its design and development